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RAPAZ video ver. (composition based on the story Pájaros en la boca by Samanta Schweblin). 5 min.


The sound composition is an exploration of childhood memories: my nightmares and my favorite book. My intent is to do an introspection of my present in the pandemic with the help of my memories from the past. On one hand, the nightmares that I had as a child were always about wild animals that came out of a closet door and wanted to eat me. On the other hand, my favorite story was “Pájaros en la boca” by Schweblin. The story is about a little girl that has the habit of eating live birds. Weird behaviors, the ones of an animal that waits for their prey, but even then, it is incapable of going out and hunting it. It’s an event that results frustrating for her parents, but ends up becoming part of their everyday life. There is a routine for eating the bird that is uncomfortable but that is normalized. Symbolically, the sound composition it’s also a reflexion of this actual period of confinement and then post-confinement, in which we are looking impulsively to go back to our past normal lifes but at the same time we already got used to the new routine. There is a tension that results in discomfort and sinisterness.


Displayed at the CCPUCP. Exposition “Anti-viral: video arte peruano reciente” 2021



The project consists of three transmissions of noise (Histeria, Hambre, Hálito) and the process of archive of the fragments of audio. The objective was to do an archive from the everyday, daily sound in my surroundings and, at the same time, build a memory of the pandemic and social issues.


This thesis project was the winner a thesis grant in 2020

Winner of Critics Award in the Faculty of Art and Design 2020

Displayed at the Annual Exposition of Art and Design 2020

Displayed at the Graduates Exposition of Art and Design 2020



The project is a dropdown guide (similar to a newspaper). The content of this guide is an archive of the daily use of the street Jiron Ucayali.



The project consists of three banners with drawings that revolve around the interpretation of the sounds at Plaza San Martín. The three drawings are based on three different moments in which the citizens use the plaza.


Displayed at the Annual Exposition of Art and Design 2018